About us

Prima Coccola is a customizable knitwear brand with a passion for creating memories via the design and delivery of uniquely personalized keepsakes that focuses on comfort, style and quality.

Choosing your newborns’ name is a fun, challenging and special decision every parent has to make and is deserving of a personalized memento that recognizes the beauty and significance of your choice.

With a vision to deliver unforgettable memories in celebration of the joy of newborns, we founded Prima Coccola.

Our goal is to help friends and families create uniquely customized knitwears that tell the fantastic stories that celebrate the beautiful children in their lives.

Our passion is creating and delivering beautifully personalized keepsakes that are loved by both the parents and the newborn.

Prima Coccola is made with love and to be timelessly treasured!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help families and friends celebrate the beautiful memories of newborns and the joy throughout life’s moments with uniquely personalized, stylish and one-of-a-kind Prima Coccola keepsakes and mementos.

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